Derek Samuel is hands down one of the finest physical therapists in this country.


What We Do

In my 30 years of executive experience in orthopedics, Derek Samuel’s skill set is unparalleled and quite simply the best.


The Way We Do It

Every patient receives one full hour of specialized evaluation with Mr. Samuel. This is far from your typical physical therapy and human performance clinic, where patients are rushed in and out, or where therapists work on multiple patients at once. Your evaluation will include a multitude of functional testing, gait analysis typically with slow motion video, strength and ROM testing, and a variety of other hands on exam techniques. Once complete you and Derek will sit down to discuss your findings and create a very thorough treatment plan targeting your goals, collaborating with you, every step of the way. This can be interventional physical therapy, human performance, or wellness with exercise.

I know good physical therapy. Derek is a great physical therapist.


Who is Derek Samuel, MPT

Derek Samuel MPTDerek has always been a non-traditional physical therapist and is considered one of the top health practitioners in the industry. He is a rare physical therapist in that he not only rehab’s the patient, but also designs and implements strength and conditioning programs for the most elite of athletes. As a practitioner who integrates rehab and strengthening, his emphasis is on biomechanics, not on pointless modalities such as hot packs, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, or gimmicky exercises. Derek is an evidence-based practitioner who simultaneously pushes the cutting edge of both rehab and strength.

His approach is extremely comprehensive, hands-on, and thorough. He’s an expert manual therapist trained in a myriad of soft tissue as well as joint mobilization techniques. He combines that hands-on type of physical therapy with biomechanical strengthening as the hallmarks of his practice. This combined approach leads to the efficiency of the kinetic chain which is all of the parts of the body coming together to function as one powerful, injury free unit.

Derek has been such a huge part of my success.


Expertise Offered

Interventional physical therapy
Mr. Samuel treats all types of orthopedic injuries.  From elite level athletes, and members of the general community alike.  When recovering from any type of injury, your goal is to get back to full function.  This is where physical therapy, performed by an expert physical therapist will use hands-on therapy combined with movement pattern strengthening, not just connecting you to some machine.  This is of critical importance to your recovery.  Mr. Samuel is highly trained in a myriad of different forms of manual therapy including a full range of soft tissue techniques as well as joint mobilizations techniques.

Hands-on therapy (or manual therapy) is what frees up our body and restores movement patterns.  Mr. Samuel is highly trained in all types of manual therapy including Active Release, Myofascial Release, and IASTM just to name a few.

Human Performance
Athletes from all over the country come to Mr. Samuel’s clinic, going through his comprehensive biomechanical evaluation seeing what actions they must take to progress to the next level.  These are not just people living with injuries, but those who are looking for injury prevention, elevating their strength and function.  This discipline is not just for the famous names the public reads about in the headlines.  It is something that any athlete can benefit from, looking to see how they can maximize their efficiency of movement, and perform at their absolute best.  Movement patterns, compensatory strategies and deficiencies in the kinetic chain are all addressed, and immediately improved upon by using the most innovative evaluation tools, and strength and conditioning techniques.

Strength, conditioning and wellness
All movement must come from the hub of our body. That is the “core.”  This is not achieved by doing countless sit-ups or other non-productive movements.  This is achieved by going through a biomechanical evaluation and initiating a core stabilization program that addresses your individual needs.  The core strengthening program addresses posture, as well as the efficiency of movement.  This leads into the strength and conditioning program aimed at maximizing quality of life as well as minimizing the risk of injury.

This strength and conditioning program is geared toward the most elite of athletes or someone looking to improve how they feel and everyone in between.

Derek has a rare gift of knowledge and bedside manner that makes him uniquely qualified to be among the best I have ever worked with as a physician, and now as a patient.


Some of Our Athletes


Nike Performance Council


Mr. Samuel serves on the prestigious Nike Performance Council. Through a partnership with Nike, he provides insight on how athletes benefit from injury prevention, maximize their efficiency of movement and performs at their best.

He appears on Nike’s award winning podcast “Trained” discussing current concepts on injury prevention and recovery.


Derek is one of the best physical therapists in the country.



Mr. Samuel’s clinic is located inside La Jolla Sports Club. This state of the art 20,000 square foot workout facility, has everything, for every type of patient. Whether you are an NFL athlete, weekend warrior, youth athlete or someone who is just looking to improve quality of life through function, wellness and strength, this state of the art facility has it all.

I love working with Derek because he is extremely intelligent when it comes to working with the body.  He really takes his time and is unbelievably thorough.


What They’re Saying

“Derek Samuel is one of the best hands-on physical therapists I have ever seen. No matter what the injury is, big or small, Derek will have a regimen to make sure you get better as well as solve the underlying cause of the injury. Every time I’m in San Diego I make a point to see him.

Zach Ertz
NFL Pro-Bowl Tight End, Philadelphia Eagles


“Derek – thanks for keeping me running!

LaDanian Tomlinson
NFL Pro-Bowl Running Back, NFL MVP


“Derek continues to set the bar higher for me each year so I can achieve peak performance

Micah Hyde
NFL Pro-Bowl Safety


“Derek has helped take my body and performance to the highest level possible year after year. After countless injures, there hasn’t been a PT like Derek who has ever gotten me back stronger.

Tyrell Williams
NFL Wide Receiver, Oakland Raiders


“I love working with Derek. His dedication and commitment to getting you better is what separates him from the rest. Best in the business.

Jason Verrett
NFL Pro-Bowl Cornerback


“Derek Samuel is the most creative in detail oriented Physical Therapist on the continent. His program has elevated and elongated my career.

Josh Lambo
NFL Pro-Bowl Kicker


“I am truly grateful to Derek for all of his help. I appreciate the work he puts in and also the insight he shares for human performance.  His hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

Donald Brown
NFL Running Back, San Diego Chargers


“Derek has helped my overall well being and made my body feel so much better with each treatment. Thanks to Derek I now have abs of steel.

Jahleel Addae
NFL Safety, San Diego Chargers


“As a wide receiver in the NFL for over 10 years I understand the what it takes to stay on the playing field and compete at a high level. Maintenance for my body has always been a vital part of my success. Derek Samuel is hands down one of the finest PT’s in this country! He has always stayed on the cutting edge of techniques and treatments. I can never thank Derek enough for the care he has provided to allow me to pursue my dreams!

Vincent Jackson
NFL Pro-Bowl Wide Receiver


“Derek Samuel is a highly gifted and elite physical therapist. He has allowed me to achieve amazing clinical outcomes following neck and back fusions, a partial ankle fusion, and knee and shoulder procedures. I am now routinely playing tennis! In my 30 years of executive experience in orthopedics, Derek’s skill set is unparalleled and quite simply the best.

Alex Lukianov
Med Tech CEO


“After countless injuries, multiple surgeries and thousands of hours in physical therapy I know a good PT. Derek is a GREAT physical therapist.  He truly CARES about each clients issues and doesn’t stop until he’s resolved them.

Carson Palmer
NFL Pro-Bowl Quarterback


“I have worked with, and referred patients to Derek Samuel M.P.T. for over fifteen years. Clinically and professionally Derek is that rare clinician and therapist with both an exceptional clinical diagnostic and therapeutic acumen and who cares deeply for his patients. It is only recently that I have become a patient of Derek’s. What I have been most impressed with is Derek’s keen, exacting knowledge of functional anatomy, properly diagnosing injury and formulating a specific treatment plan uniquely suited for the patient and their lifestyle expectations. He has a rare gift of knowledge and bedside manner that makes him uniquely qualified to be among the best I have ever worked with as a physician and now as a patient. Derek is on his way to having a “Hall of Fame“ career.“
Joseph Andrews, MD


“Derek – thanks for keeping me going.

Shawne Merriman
NFL Pro-Bowl Linebacker




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